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This is one of Linda's great photos that she provides to the website.  She is our official photographer.


                                                              Activity at SAGE in February 2018    

Gaige has decided to add landing gear to his "Bird"

   Taxing out.

Taking off.

The "Bird in Flight.


                                                                Activity at SAGE in January 2018       

       Check out the following Photos from Saturday. Few Pilots have experienced the oxymoron known as "Chicken Combat". Our Safety Officer had officially requested that all pilots kiss their transmitters for luck before the launch. With this flock in the air the need is obvious. Note: All birds returned to earth saftely. None were injured in this event.

Dan overseas the official launch.

And they are away.

Successful Launch.

All in the air.

Safely returning to earth in formation...

                                                                    Activity at SAGE in October 2017      

These photo was taken on Monday, October 16, 2017.  Jason and Phil worked on the Runway at SAGE. The Runway looks great....Thanks.

                                           The photos below are from the week ending October 8, 2017     

The following photos show that all flyers have to be extra observant when flying because the unexpected can happen. 

Tom was flying his T-28, normal flight.  After his landing and the airplane rolling to stop; Tom noticed smoke coming from the airplane.

He had to wait until the smoke stopped. 

He retrieved the airplane and saw that the battery was the source of the smoke.


 Further investigation showed that the ESC has solder joint had broken loose and shorted out the battery.

Tom with be back with the T-28 ready for flight in a week or so.

                                                              Activity at SAGE in September 2017

Well it is good to be back in Tucson.  Gretchen and I returned from our summer getaway last week. Always miss the flying and the friends we have at SAGE.  We should see more of members returning in September.  I was able to get out to SAGE on Saturday the 9th of Sept 2017..  We had a good turn out of flyers and observers.  14 including Harry.

                             The photos below are from the week ending Sept 24, 2017

It was a windy week so participation was low at the field.  The following pictures are from Saturday.  Dan O. and Jason had their Radians up for some nice flights.  Dan has a camera on his airplane and he captured the following shots. Great views of Jason's plane and the field.

Great overhead shot.

Jason's Plane.

You can see Jason's plane on approach to the field form the Southeast.

                              The photos below are from the week ending Sept 9, 2017.

It was the beginning of a great day when we arrived.

Members were out early and getting ready to fly.

Harry says "We are ready!"

Tom, Gaige and Linda discussing something that I am sure has to do with how large the event was.

Jason preparing to fly his new creation.  It flew great and was very stable.

There is always a of lot of conversation and sharing of ideas, thoughts and opinions.

George quietly takes to the air with his assortment of WWII planes.  One should check out his fleet when he is at SAGE.

Matt and his Dad (Jeff) preparing his plane for flight.

Phil is loading parachutes for a drop at the field.

The plane performed the drop perfect, but the chutes became tangled.  The participants landed safely.

John was able to return after his summer of activities.  Had a great flight.

Linda and Jason are preparing a new member of Gaige's hanger. 

Jason launched the Clown perfectly.

The Clown was very stable in flight...But did not find any water.

We had some new visitors to SAGE this weekend.

Here is reminding everyone how big he is and that the members should look alive while at the field.

                                     Stay safe and have a nice week.

                              The photos below are from the week ending Sept 2, 2017.

Below are some of the pictures that I was able to take.  I always welcome other photos from members.

If I missed you and your planes this week, it was not intentional.  Looking forward to a great cool flying season.

This was Friday Morning.  It is my understanding it is hard to beat Phil to the field.  He is a new member as of June 2017.

I am beginning the season with a reliable and easy to fly glider (Radian). Never disappoints.

This was from Wednesday... when I came out to observe and see who was here. A little windy in town.

Phil gets and early start with his Cub.

Wednesday. We are ready.....the day is great. 

A few if Phil's airplanes

A different view.  The plane on the right is a new plane to Phil, a twin engine aircraft (Mule).

Well a few outdoor people have not been kind to our field and runway.

So we are in the planning stages with Jim O. and Dan O. on what is the best approach to bring the runway back to a smooth condition.

Don arrived shortly after we arrived and he is preparing for flight.

Always good to see Don's BiPlanes.

Phil at the bench.

The Mule is ready.

Awaiting Dan our Safety Officer to flight test and trim the airplane.  We have several individuals who we consider to be excellent instructors and trainers.

Recovering the Club after a successful flight.

Jim O. and Tom H. are ready for the day's flying.

Tom is prepping a good looking twin engine aircraft for flight.

Ground checks complete and ready to take to the runway.

Dan O's planes are ready.

The gentleman in the middle is a new prospect for membership.  His name is Stephen (hope I got the spelling correctly).  He has been out to the field a couple of times.  He hails from NY... so say hello.

We had a great group of flyers this past Saturday..

Gretchen, Linda and Poppie enjoying the morning.

Harry is giving his ok for the aircraft to take the field.  Jason on the left had some friends (Matt and his Dad, Jeff) out with Matt's new plane.  Gaige is working with them because it is the first flight I believe for the young lad.

Gaige is giving the plane it's initial trim checks and movements.

George arrived to look on.  His hanger of airplanes are always a hit for the club.

At the ready box. Preparing for the first flight.  Dan is next in line with his biplane.

Matt is up and away.  He flew great after the assistance from his ground crew.

Harry says its time to fly.

We hope to see you next week. 

There will be many more airplanes and flyers this fall.  If you have pictures and would like to have them on the Website...Just let Smitty know and he will get them posted.