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                                              April 15, 2017 SAGE Picnic Review

A great time was had by all.  The weather was great and a lot of flying was accomplished. Charles (a member from Phoenix) dropped in and we had other Soaring Members from Arizona.  Dave and Jim were in charge of the Planning and the Grilling. Thanks Dave and Jim,

I did not get a picture of Dave and Jim together on April 15, 2017.  So this picture is a Blast from the Past.  These guys always do a great job and the first to step up for any task. Thanks.

Tables are being set up for picnic and there were many free items donated by a gentleman from Tucson who is downsizing his hobby.

Rick says good morning....and he is enjoying the weather.

Serving Table is being prepared.

The ladies and Poppie are enjoying the morning and conversations.

The guys are not to be out done. Who says we don't communicate.

A great group.

Always words of wisdom and insight are available between members.

Always good to see Charles and Ray.

I believe that they might be looking for an airplane and offering insights to Ray of  the finer points of piloting.

New members are enjoying the fine air this morning for soaring.

Long standing members also took advantage of the great thermals this morning.

Serving Table is being set.

Another view.

Serving has begun.

Great food, friends and weather.

Everyone enjoying the day.

Another table of satisfied participants.

Dave checking to make sure everyone is served.

Philip our President has a few words to say and a special presentation to a special member who skills have improved the greatest this year.

Tom is the receiver of the award. It is a coveted "Mad Bird". Some of our other members (Jim and Gaige) sharpen their flying skills with this Bird.

The day is winding down and members are having a relaxing moment.

Tom is thinking of how to proceed with the build of this fine "airplane".

The day is done and the runway is quite.